schweizstrom – Lead Generation with marketing automation and content marketing

Tradition. Innovation. Social responsibility.  Providing their customers with ecological energy-based 100% on water energy as well as with CO2 neutral gas, the German energy supplier Schweizstrom stands for exactly these values. Schweizstrom faced the challenge of bridging the gap between tradition and innovation and moreover presenting a low-interest product in a modern manner. That is why we focused on:

  • marketing automation
  • lead generation
  • content marketing

The experienced energy provider Schweizstrom aimed at focusing on and increasing customer acquisition. When faced with the challenge of how to expand the customer base, they turned to W4 as a strategic partner. Since our agency is also based in Germany, we are well versed in the specifics of the German market. Moreover, we have expertise in working with energy providers. For companies who offer low-interest products, in particular, content marketing in combination with marketing automation is essential. The goal is to attract a greater interest in potential customers with thematically relevant subjects.

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Marketing Automation
Content Marketing


Marketing automation

Know what customers want and manage campaigns effectively - marketing automation makes it possible.

Content Marketing

Content marketing: the new webmarketing for more traffic, better Google ranking and a smart image transfer. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer a multitude of tools and functionalities, which make an easy, personalized and efficient communication of target groups possible.



HubSpot is an all in one solution for personalized inbound marketing activities. Using this open source companies have an easy way to grab the target groups' attention, to convert leads and to keep clients happy.