smart shift lead generation

Interactive Content – Lead generation for smartShift Technologies

smartShift Technologies provides their customers with a unique approach to transforming and managing enterprise applications. With the help of their patented automation tools, customers are able to greatly reduce the risk, cycle times and costs linked to managing enterprise applications and technology upgrades. smartShift Technologies furthermore specializes in supporting customers with SAP system updates, data migration and upgrades to new SAP software versions.

Starting Point

In their search for a way to expand their customer base and generally raise awareness, smartShift Technologies asked W4 to help them find an innovative solution. Cold calling has long been the most popular tool for lead generation and customer acquisition. But immediately contacting prospects via phone to convince them of your services and products no longer does the job. Considering it is ever getting harder to reach the right contacts and get them to answer the phone, let alone convince them to hear you out, it is highly recommended to consider additional steps before actually calling your prospects. W4 therefore suggested an approach that combines traditional call-center marketing with an optimized landing page featuring interactive content. The goal was clear: to reach as many potential customers as possible, engage and convince them to such a degree that they eventually become customers.

Planning & implementing the campaign

smartShift Technologies and W4 established the defining criteria for the target accounts together. The next step consisted of finding the right contacts in these accounts. Research was mainly conducted on Social Media platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. These, as well as direct e-mail communication, were also used for establishing first contact with the respective individuals: after a short introductory text, individuals were invited to visit the landing page, created by W4 specifically for this purpose, or to directly make an appointment; in short: to generate leads.

The core part of the landing page, which was integrated into smartShift Technologies‘ website, was made up of an informative and entertaining poll. Users can reply to a string of interesting questions related to the services of smartShift Technologies, all the while playfully checking the state of their companies‘ enterprise applications and comparing their own results to those of others. To access the results, users have to fill in a short form with basic contact information. With the data collected during the poll, potential leads can subsequently be contacted effectively via phone or personalized e-mail in order to set up an appointment. That way, too, potential leads already know about your services when you initiate a call and are more likely to respond positively to your suggestions. The collected data is directly transferred to the software marketing platform HubSpot. Personalized e-Mails can also directly be created and send via HubSpot, where they can moreover be tracked and monitored.

Follow-up call

The traditional way to acquire new customers by means of a direct phone call, most of the time to create an appointment for a personal meeting that lets you introduce them to your services and products.

Interactive Content

Break the monotony of traditional content display and present your content in a unique and attractive manner. That way, you can be sure to catch attention and engage potential customers.

Social Media Communication

Social Media Platform offer various tools and features that enable an easy, personalized and efficient way to get in touch and communicate with prospects and leads.


A great inbound marketing software platform that provides you with many invaluable functions and features. You can also use it to create, send and monitor personalized e-mails.