W4 references –  The Red Flag Group®

Account Based Marketing for The Red Flag Group® - a tailored approach to conversion

The Red Flag Group® is a globally active compliance and integrity consulting firm that offers their clients professional advice, technology and business solutions, helping them with effectively monitoring their integrity and compliance programs.

 The Red Flag Group® approached W4 as they aimed to get appointments with the right contacts in specific target accounts in order to be able to individually present relevant products and solutions and consequently gain the desired accounts as customers.

Starting Situation

The Red Flag Group® already had a clear vision of which businesses they wanted to target, so an approach very specific to the three selected target accounts needed to be created. For this reason, W4 proposed to combine two means to an end to reach highest efficiency: while Account Based Marketing was set as a general frame of the campaign, a central aspect also formed the creation of an interactive landing page as central conversion platform.


After determining the target accounts, the next step was to find the right contacts to approach. Research was carried out on various channels - LinkedIn, Xing and other Social Networks were central to locating and defining the target audience. The features of this platform were then used to get in touch with relevant contacts and provide them with an introductory note and the link to the landing page created by W4.

In order to present the clients of the target accounts with an experience tailored to their company’s own needs, principles and requirements, W4 drafted, developed and programmed individual landing pages as central conversion platform for all three target accounts. These pages consisted of general information about pre-selected services and products of The Red Flag Group® as well as an interactive test that was meant to help individuals find the right service. Through a series of questions, users could select their preferences and needs and, if desired, proceed to order the service in question directly online. The landing page was subsequently included into The Red Flag Group®’s website, only visible to and accessible by individuals who previously received the link as well as the required password.

Account Based Marketing

Strategically approach individual prospects of selected target accounts with personalized communication and turn them into customers with high efficiency.

Interactive Content

Break the monotony of traditional content display and present your content in a unique and attractive manner. That way, you can be sure to catch attention and engage potential customers.

Optimized Landing Page

A professional landing page is the perfect stage for the products and services you offer.

Social Media Communication

Social Media Platform offer various tools and features that enable an easy, personalized and efficient way to get in touch and communicate with prospects and leads.