award-worthy annual reports

What makes an annual report good? Of course, the financial report should be coherent, structured and most of all complete. However, we never settle for the minimal requirements – an attitude we share with VP Bank, which prides itself with creating unique client experiences for those with lofty demands. The online annual report of the private bank with headquarters in Vaduz has to match this self-understanding. Therefore, the objective was not to be good, but better, to create an online annual report that is not only lucid and user-friendly, but interactive as well. Shareholders expect more than dryly presented information, but a rich client experience. This means they expect fast and easily accessible multi-media content.

W4 was responsible for

  • programming the Typo3 annual report microsite
  • doing the responsive design so that the online annual report can be displayed on every device
  • ensuring the site's multi-media functionality (text, image, video) 

In order to meet VP Bank's high standards, W4 developed a tool that automatically uploads IDML files to Typo3. This way, we could ensure that the layout of the print edition was faithfully reproduced online.

Award-winning cooperation

2015 marked the third year in a row that W4 was responsible for creating VP Bank's online annual report. This cooperation has not only been successful, but award-worthy as well. The online annual report 2014 won three renowned awards:

  • Galaxy Gold Award 2015 in the category online annual report
  • International ARC Bronze Award 2015 in the category annual reports: banks: international
  • International Business Bronze Award (The Stevie Awards) in the category best annual report online

We are happy to have enjoyed the trust of VP Bank over the past three years. That the online annual report has won gold against 700 competitors is more than enough proof that the result of this cooperation satisfies lofty demands.

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