n8n automation for just-medical!

just-medical! is a full-service agency for the healthcare industry with a dedicated team of experts in Switzerland. In January 2022, W4 acquired just-medical! and significantly expanded its presence in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, thanks to the technical expertise of W4, the digital services of just-medical! can be further developed and scaled.

With more than 365.000 registered users (HealthCare Professionals), the site has become one of the most used medical platforms in the German and French-speaking regions. The extensive offerings in the HealthCare area include medical training and e-learning opportunities (med-congress) as well as a job portal (med-jobs).

The challenge

The med-congress and med-jobs platforms are an important source of information for health professionals who are always looking for the latest information on medical topics, training opportunities and job offers. In order to provide this information to the users, the HealthCare experts had to check the partner sites daily for current events and jobs. Updating the platforms daily required a tedious manual transfer of the relevant information, which was not only time-consuming and took up valuable work resources, but also left room for errors. 

The solution: n8n automation

In order to tackle this tedious task and increase efficiency, the healthcare professionals at just-medical! approached their colleagues at W4. The W4 software experts quickly came up with the ideal solution: automation with n8n.

What is n8n? n8n is an automation software that enables the creation and execution of complex workflows to automate web applications. It allows the creation of both simple and complex workflows that can be triggered by various events. These workflows can link so-called nodes from external APIs or user-defined integrations to automate workflows. As an n8n support agency, W4 helps companies to increase their efficiency and save time and resources. Recurring tasks are automatically completed, cannot be forgotten and do not require any further time investment.

Automation of med-congress and med-jobs

med-congress provides users with up-to-date data on medical training courses, congresses and e-learning programmes. The previous manual process of listing events on med-congress has been revolutionised by n8n. An integrated workflow now checks periodically (every night) for new events and automatically adds them to the med-congress portal.

Example of a Workflows for med-jobs.

The med-jobs platform is a comprehensive job portal that lists job offers for doctors, nurses and other medical professions. n8n was used to regularly check all job offers on med-jobs' partner portals (also always at night) and to automatically publish the corresponding jobs on med-jobs.

The implementation of n8n has not only increased efficiency, but also improved the quality of the services provided by just-medical! The automation allows the team to focus on client communication and further development of their services without being slowed down by manual processes.

We will be happy to find the perfect solution for your company's needs to automate your processes. W4 supports you in streamlining processes, increasing your efficiency and saving time and resources.


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n8n is an open source workflow automation tool and integration platform that makes it possible to connect different applications, services and data sources to create automated workflows.