schweizstrom’s Advent calendar – a great success

For our customer schweizstrom, a German energy provider with roots in Switzerland, who wishes to increase their customer base in Germany with the help of content and inbound marketing, the W4 team has designed and realized an elaborate online Advent calendar. Thrilling raffles, helpful facts and tasty Christmas recipes were waiting behind the doors. Creating leads by providing interesting content was the main goal. But where do those leads go once attracted? All contacts and respective data collected via the forms needed transferring to the marketing automation tool HubSpot. The W4 developers made it possible via the tool’s API.

Adventskalender schweizstrom

The calendar’s front end is interactive. Users can open the doors during the respective day by clicking on them. The content of the calendar appeared in the form of an overlay.

EBLD Adventskalender schweizstrom

Our developers have realized the calendar’s front end with react, a JavaScript framework with which modern and interactive user interfaces for the web can be developed. For the back end, we used different firebase features like hosting, firestore (database) and functions (for the communication outside of the app).

Online-Adventskalender schweizstrom

If a raffle was waiting behind a door, questions had to be answered and a contact form submitted in order to take part in the draw.

Adventskalender React Firebase

Thanks to the schweizstrom Advent calendar, W4 was able to create many new contacts, leads and newsletter subscribers for our customers. In total, the doors were opened 10.414 times. By the end of the campaign, 2.055 form submissions were noted – a great number of new leads. 15,6% of the total number even opted in to a contact approach by phone.

Winners were announced with posts on our customer’s social media channels; these posts were of course published directly via HubSpot.

Do you also wish to provide your prospects with attractive campaigns like an interactive Advent calendar, thereby creating valuable leads? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to support you with your gamification marketing.