Digital working around the globe is nothing new for W4. After all, all sales employees, for example, are not only located at different locations, but sometimes even on different continents.
So it was high time that the monthly team meeting took place around the same table and so the European team members went to Beijing! Meetings took place on the 19th floor of the Co-Working Spaces as well as the daily business – just a little delayed to Switzerland or Germany.


But what would a trip to the other end of the world be without seeing the highlights of the city? Our Chinese colleagues have made every effort to show us their tradition, their everyday life and their hometown. So, of course, traditional noodle dishes, visits to food markets and a trip to the Forbidden City were not to be missed. In the huge palace complex (plot area of 720,000 m2) several Chinese emperors lived and ruled until 1911 and denied the simple population access. Fortunately, the gates to the masterpiece of Chinese architecture were open for W4.

W4_Beijing_Forbidden City

The feeling of not being able to top what had already been seen was quickly overtaken: A visit to the Great Wall of China was also on the agenda. The team visited a section of the more than 21,000 km long wall. This included approx. 10 km and more than 3,000 steps – we quitted the chairlift, but chose the bobsleigh track for the descent.

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The trip ended with good wine over Beijing's skyscrapers, many interesting conversations and an even closer team spirit.