Ho HO Ho – Open doors with the w4 online advent calendar


Thinking about Christmas in October? Of course! True to the motto "There's nothing good unless you do it", we are already dedicating ourselves to the most beautiful time of the year and are busy designing online advent calendars that not only entertain our customers.

The W4 Online Advent Calendar is a professionally designed door opener to the customer. Participants and recipients can enjoy its 24 doors every day in December and be curious about the contents of various categories. Every day the current door can be opened with a mouse click and reveals both useful and entertaining information.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-22 um 09.45.21

Whether recipe ideas, tips & tricks, product information, videos and much more. – there are no limits to creativity when it comes to design. The integration of competitions is also possible. By filling out contact forms, users can take part in the raffle and the company can thus generate many new contacts, leads or newsletter recipients. The content of the calendar door appears in the form of an overlays.

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The online advent calendar not only entertains the participants, but also serves to generate leads, position the brand, increase reach and provide access to customers who are sometimes inactive.

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The Advent calendar tool has both an interactively structured frontend and a user-friendly and easy-to-use backend, which is implemented with the help of React.

Would you like to give your (potential) customers a nice pre-Christmas time with the online Advent calendar? Then feel free to contact us! We will be happy to design your individual Advent calendar.