Travel to the epicenter of the makers of Inbound Marketing, immerse yourself in the world of HubSpot for four days and return to Zurich with new insights and perspectives – that was the goal, the mission, the assignment to Sarah Wilhelm, our Managing Director in Zurich, last week. As a certified HubSpot partner, a visit to Inbound 2019 in Boston from September 3 to 6 was a welcome must. 

The atmosphere was colorful and the auditoriums full of 26,000 conference attendees from all over the world. And on stage, around 250 speakers held their speeches. In addition to HubSpot co-founders like Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan who talked about HubSpot's innovations, visions and plans, the event format featured an incredible number of sessions from entrepreneurs like Alexis Ohanian of Reddit and more than 250 breakout speakers from every industry and sector such as Jay Simons, President of Atlassian or Christopher O'Donnell, SVP, Product at HubSpot.  This speaker portfolio in the midst of a vibrant atmosphere heated by forward thinking people is what drives Sarah and the W4 team to constantly rethink, try out and bring out more business value for our clients.


HubSpot has some interesting innovations to offer now or soon:

Buy Now Button

Soon the Buy Now Button will be introduced in the beta version for Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise. Services and products from the Product Library can then be sold directly online.

Social Media interface

HubSpot now has a direct interface to Facebook Manager. You can create ads directly in the HubSpot interface and launch them in Facebook.

Knowledge Base Content Editor as SelfService

People are unique with their own preferences: Food, music, even how we want to be supported. Many people search independently for information, but because everyone is different, there is the Service Hub here to help you make a personalized experience.  HubSpot now offers live in the Knowledge Base the ability to customize article access based on HubSpot lists, opening up new opportunities to share more knowledge with specific audiences. In the Knowledge Base, there is a new editor that allows more customization of the Knowledge Base.

Workflow optimization

In order to facilitate clarity, you now can create folders for workflows. To keep these complex workflows manageable and save time, you can now create actions that jump to another step in the workflow. Workflows folders are in beta for all Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users.


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If you would like to find out more about our HubSpot knowledge or have questions about the new features mentioned, please contact Sarah Wilhelm directly at

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