Our teams are spread all over the globe, we communicate in 5 languages and unite various nations – how does it work? We work exclusively digitally and use tools that enable us to communicate beyond national borders. But during the contemplative season we all pack our bags and travel to Bratislava to celebrate our company Christmas party. It has now become a tradition for us to come together from all directions in the Bratislava Office to head for our first destination: the cooking school Chefparade.

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But before the recipes were sighted, the knives sharpened and the cooking teams thrown together, the eight internal teams of the W4, within the framework of the quarterly motto, highlighted what makes each team different, what the main daily tasks are, which goals have already been achieved and which are still to be achieved. Each presentation was scored, and the winning team was chosen. There was no lack of creativity, musical and dancing interludes! From the re-functioning of Switzerland to "Röschti" (including "Röschtigraben"), from mountaineers who want to climb the summit, Ninja Turtles, Hawaiian flower chains and bast skirts to Bomb Squads and animated Christmas elves – the presentations were anything but boring and provided a joyful atmosphere and some laughter lines.


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The stomachs growled from the laughter – so let's get to the recipes. At seven cooking stations, international delicacies were prepared, seasoned and then released for collective culinary tasting for the entire W4. Thai, Indonesian, Italian, French and American flavours met on the plates. One has to admit that there were no runaways in the dishes and all tasted good.

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Strengthened it went over later to the next program point, which may be missing in the meantime with no W4 Christmas celebration: “Schrottwichteln”. Tradition says that every employee has a gift with him that he no longer wants to own in his household. In return, another scrap gift was accepted by lottery – a glass filled with dirt, selected books, grotesque trashy ceramics, unloved decorative items and much more hid treacherously behind pretty wrapping paper.

The clock was already beating at a late hour when a change of location was due: the party was then celebrated in the independent Channels Club in Bratislava's old town. Until the early hours of the morning there was dancing on several dance floors and the meeting was sealed.

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No wonder the next "work" day didn't start until noon. The signs were pointing to departure – but the anticipation of the next Christmas party was not long in coming.