What our customers say

We have come to rely very heavily on W4 and their knowledge and work in the B2B sector in China. They have come to know our business extremely well and have become a valued and trusted partner.

——Anna Garcia, WinGD


Trusted and efficient partner for digital marketing!

We have been working with W4 for almost a year. During this period, they always bring us new ideas, helping us to optimize our digital campaigns. They also show strong flexibility and efficiency. Whenever we made a new request, they will deliver the work promptly and at a high standard. We enjoy working with them and look forward to our next projects!

——Stephanie C., Asendia Hong Kong

What we have accomplished

More international companies are recognizing the potential of the Chinese market. It is almost impossible to successfully operate digital marketing in China, without having extensive knowledge on the market and various channels, whether it is Baidu or WeChat. We work in close cooperation with our customers as their competent and experienced partner for digital marketing campaigns in China, and provide all components of your marketing campaign in China from a single source.

Website and Search Engine Marketing

As a full-range marketing technology company, W4 develops digital solutions for individual requirements. Our qualified web developers implement, optimize and program websites that meet customers’ expectations. Launching a Chinese website is not just about creating language variations. Differences in viewing habits are also considered. We have successfully tailored multi-language websites for various B2B companies. An example is that we keep updating the Chinese website for one of our customers in the international logistic industry, so their viewers won’t miss out on the latest blogs, ebooks, and all the important information. In the consumer sector, we have built websites and optimized them for better mobile experience for brands, such as a Swiss watch manufacturer, to help them boost their sales internationally. 

Marketing in China

Being the leading search engine in China, Baidu is where you land and expand. However, optimizing for Baidu using the same approach used for Google is unlikely to achieve the ideal result. Just as our team of Google specialists, our Baidu experts know what your target audience is interested in and how to best address potential customers in China. We always thoroughly analyze our customers and their competitors before providing professional advice on keywords and budget. It is our strength to create advertising copies and make sure their ranking is at the top. On top of monitoring their accounts on a daily basis, we provide periodic reports so the customers have clear insights about the performance and the status of their Baidu activities. 

Baidu Marketing in China

 Social Media Marketing

WeChat is one of the most used marketing channels for both Chinese and international businesses. For those who are new to Chinese social media, even the first step, account creation and verification, can be overwhelming. We have supported customers to launch their WeChat account, so they are more confident about exploring the many possibilities of WeChat.

More mobile friendly, WeChat articles are preferred by Chinese users over newsletters. From content planning, to content creation, and to post publication, we offer one-stop WeChat services. For customers’ non-Chinese text materials, we do more than just translating, but localizing their content to target Chinese audiences. In addition, we produce must-have greeting graphics for important local festivals, bringing customers closer to their audience.  

WeChat allows users to view campaign landing pages and regular pages without being redirected to the browser. For this end, we create H5 (short for html5) pages, lighter versions of desktop counterparts, and seamlessly integrate them into the WeChat profile to create interactive viewing experiences. For instance, we have built a download center for our customer in the marine power technology industry, so users can have easy access to the same technical documents and brochures provided in their website. We have also created shareable H5 registration forms to help customers attract more event guests.

Social Media Marketing in China

     Social Media in China

Traditional marketing

While businesses are embarking on the journey of digital transformation, exhibition is still among the most important channels for business communications. At W4, we tailor modern and appealing booth decoration and marketing materials, including print products and branded gifts. 

Our customer specialized in Supply chain visibility trusts W4 with creating designs for a series of conventions in Shanghai. Due to Covid restrictions, event rescheduling is unavoidable - planning can be tricky. Our team of marketers and designers respond promptly and work closely to deliver high quality digital and physical products, which allows our customer to have more time to focus on other aspects.

44Traditional Marketing in China

This is an overview of the digital marketing strategies that W4 has implemented for its customers in China, and what have been accomplished. We have much more to offer! If you are interested in learning more about marketing in China, or have any questions, feel free to book a consulting session with us.

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