Hosting and Server Systems


Do you need a professional and reliable consultant for server support and hosting?

Many companies choose on-premise solutions to have unrestricted control over sensitive data. With this strategy, you gain optimal data availability through the use of company-owned IT resources. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, provide enormous flexibility. The infrastructure can be set up in such a way that capacities can be expanded or made available at any time. Do you need a combined solution? Whether on-premise solutions or cloud applications, W4 supports you in the evaluation and selection of an ideal server solution that meets your individual requirements. Thanks to our comprehensive experience, we advise you competently and solution-oriented.


Cloud Consulting Services: Are you looking for advice for choosing your cloud solution?

The W4 IT experts take over the planning, design and realization of a cloud environment as well as the optimization of existing cloud environments. We use the following cloud computing services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud Compute Service and Oracle Cloud. The strengths of Amazon Web Services include the global cloud infrastructure and the broad IaaS and PaaS offerings. Alibaba Cloud excels with cost-effective scaling. You receive a flexible, high-quality and, above all, secure connection to your data center. Oracle Cloud is regarded as one of the most integrated public clouds and enables the integration of cloud solutions in your own data center.

In addition, we always take account of possible compliance effects when implementing or optimizing your cloud environment in order to ensure a smooth and regular process of your business processes.


On-Premise Web Server: Do you need a reliable web server with dependable hosting?

W4 provides reliable managed web servers that meet particularly high demands with regard to data security. Of course, we always take into account privacy policies such as the GDPR. We run non-cloud-based web analytics with the web analytics tool Piwik, which enables the evaluation of all statistics, visitor and reference analyzes, campaign and target tracking for e-commerce as well as the anonymization of IP addresses. W4 has legal offices in Switzerland and in Germany. The secure storage of your data takes place in one of these two countries.


Individual service level agreements: Do you want individual security or selective outsourcing?

We define individual Service-Level-Agreements in cooperation with you and take into account your individual IT security requirements. We also offer enterprise hosting so your website works reliably even at the highest number of visitors. We take care of both outsourced and internal web servers. The advantage of internal web servers: You use your own infrastructure. If circumstances chance and you need to adapt, you can always rely on our technical support.

If you have any questions about our hosting and server systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you personally and find the ideal service solution for you.


Website hosting in China: Would you like to enter the Chinese market?

A Chinese website hosted in China is a must. Otherwise, significant bandwidth problems or even censorship could be the result. Many Western companies have difficulties with long loading times of their websites. Strict Internet laws and the so-called "big Chinese firewall" do not make it easy for companies to create an adequate online presence in the middle kingdom. If you want to host a website in China, you need an IPC license. We are happy to assist you and provide you with website hosting under Chinese law. A high performance is essential if you want to keep visitors on your website. W4 supports you in realizing an optimal website. We are glad to advise you personally. Get in touch!


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