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Reach your clients wherever they are at the moment – be it on the street, on their way to work or on their couches at home. By now, the sale of tablets and smartphones has surpassed that of desktop PCs and laptops. All signs point to mobile. Successful marketing means to adapt to these changed circumstances and be available to your customers at any given time, whether it is with a mobile website (responsive design) or an app that offers added value such as push notifications, entertaining games or exclusive special offers. However, mobile marketing is much more than mere accessibility:

Optimized Mobile Marketing

  • bar codes and QR codes lure customers to your landing page or offer additional product information (show-rooming)
  • visual content is popular on mobile devices – entertain your customers and they will spread the news (video content, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube)
  • mobile media like Twitter are a perfect way of sharing information and of interacting with the customer base
  • localized data can be very beneficial – make personalized offers when the time is right
  • work with the differences among devices creatively (touch pad vs. mouse and keyboard)
  • Investor Relations (IR) Apps are a great way of providing your investors and business partners with product brochures, presentations and annual reports

Optimized mobile marketing has many advantages.

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Your advantages:

  • modernize your image
  • be present on all relevant channels – anywhere, anytime
  • profit from viral distribution of your content (social media marketing, social sharing via Twitter, Instgram, Facebook, YouTube etc.)
  • learn about your clients by interacting with them on the channels they really use
  • obtain valuable client data that can be used to make personalized offers and to optimize future campaigns
  • improve business communications
  • improve customer loyalty

Our Services

No matter if it is B2C or B2B – W4 Marketing Agency knows mobile. We can create a mobile content marketing strategy tailored to your target group. From concept to technical aspects such as responsive design or app programming – get the full mobile marketing service from a single source.



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