W4 REVIEW 2020 with outlook


According to the Chinese horoscope, the year 2020 is under the sign of the rat. The rodent means down-to-earthness, intelligence and stubbornness.

Pulling in our ears and hoping to get through the year well is not at all our style. Like many of our customers, we re-evaluated the opportunities and risks of our services in the economic context in the spring and drew up a strategy with measures that would serve as a common thread and continuously used yardstick to keep both us and our customers on course on the ever-changing waves.

An example? Gladly! When it became clear that trade shows would be suspended until at least the middle of the year, we relaunched a showroom that had been developed years ago, but was slightly outdated, and equipped it with features, interfaces and a complete trade show campaign setup. Now in the midst of the second wave, this virtual showroom is proving sustainable investments. Companies have also recognized this. We were pleased to welcome new customers to the portfolio.

W4 IS an antifragile company

Within the W4 Group, the goal for 2020 was to create strategies and structures for further growth. Then the challenges of the pandemic hit us. Nevertheless, W4 managed to grow and to take the first steps towards scaling by means of Scrum@Scale. Continuously setting up the company in an antifragile manner will also be the focus of the company's development in 2021. Antifragility involves more than being resistant or robust. With each challenge, antifragile companies transform for the better. It's much more than weathering the storm. Unexpected events and uncertainties such as those we have experienced so succinctly this year can be managed and developed by antifragile companies with an open mind and an eye toward unfolding opportunities. 

"A year is coming to an end that I don't think any of us will soon forget. Despite the new challenges that have occupied us all this year, thanks to motivated employees and great customers, we have managed to initiate the planned growth strategy and achieve our set goals. If we have proven one thing this year, it is that we are an anti-fragile company and we can adapt quickly to new circumstances. I am proud of this and look forward to the new year with positive thoughts." sums up Sarah Wilhelm, W4 Managing Director.

Looking back on this year, this was the only logical step in the company's development, which is now even more international. W4 welcomed new employees in Beijing, but we also continued to grow in Europe.

The imposed time off for client meetings and workshops - yes, even our marketing breakfast - was used and we hired professionals to renovate the office in Zurich

Let's look forward to the year 2021 with anticipation. In the Chinese zodiac, the buffalo now follows. It is said to have qualities such as diligence and method. The world is becoming more and more complex in times of crisis. Marketing is also characterized by an almost unmanageable variety of options. What is compulsory, what is optional, and what fits the company at all? As consultants for digital marketing and sales technologies as well as their processes, we would like to simplify complex interrelationships of the specialist discipline in 2021, make them understandable and accompany you with clarity, transparency and execution competence when treading new paths and action structures.

Because people prefer the easy way. The motive of efficiency rooted in this also applies to our working world, marketing.

We wish you a good start into the year 2021. May it bring success and joy.