Distance can make you creative - we took advantage of the time off for client meetings and gave our office in the heart of Zurich a fresh coat of paint. Red is and remains our brand color - without question - but it now looks all the better because one or the other wall has been given an alternative hue.

And there is more. The former ensembles of classic desk and swivel chair combinations have been transformed into a stylish design office that offers the right working atmosphere for every situation. Concentrated working in an upright position, creatively wandering towards the ceiling or even awaiting the flash of inspiration in power nap mode, a new environment has been created for our Swiss team in Idastrasse for every day.

We look forward to opening the inspiring space for meetings, workshops and our marketing breakfast. Of course, only when it will be allowed again.

Unfortunately, we also have to postpone the opening party with clients, friends & family to a time when it will be possible again to take a risk-free tour of the W4 office with a drink in hand.

We are happy to open the door, at least symbolically, and welcome you to our newly renovated Swiss office.