Website Relaunch Diagnostik München

Diagnostik München is one of the leading providers of radiology and prevention medicine in Germany. In the area of health and preventive care, people usually have an increased need for information. The challenge for W4 was to create a standalone website that serves the two main stakeholders, patients and assigning colleagues, in a user-friendly manner while also presenting Diagnositik München as a distinctive brand. The website was realized with the content management system WordPress, which is characterized by being both easy to operate and cost-effective. Due to the agile approach employed by W4, new feature requests can be continuously introduced and prioritized.


One of the core concerns of Diagnostik München was that the content they provide ranks highly on search engines. Based on a thorough keyword research, our content team created informative texts on the services offered by Diagnostik München. They contain the relevant search terms and meet the information needs of patients in a clear, comprehensible language.

Search engine optimization and user-friendliness go hand in hand: First and foremost, being at the top of the rankings requires relevant content. For this reason, the stakeholders not only receive information about the offers, but also always up-to-date health tips, news on the topics of radiology, prevention and early detection or other content that provides added value to website visitors.

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