A moment of surprise: Postman delivers HubSpot Award for W4

Digital logos and certificates are the common format for identifying oneself as an expert in subject areas in 2020. But what we recently received at the Zurich office was the exact opposite: a finely honed glass tribute to our activities as HubSpot Platinum Partners.

We would like to thank our SaaS partner HubSpot for this unannounced attention and have already found a nice place for the hard-earned trophy. As crystal clear as the jewel is to us that we will continue to expand our expertise in CMS, SalesHub and MarketingHub as well as CRM & all related services in order to provide the best consulting and service for companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, HongKong, China and not to forget Thailand - for high performance websites, email campaigns and smart content.

We thank our customers with whom we have been able to go this way so far.
Let's use the HubSpot Award as a symbolic indicator of our ambitions and goals.

HubSpot Platin Award