News Mitegro Apinauten

For about six months, we have supported the MITEGRO GmbH & Co. KG with our agile coaching while they were implementing an adequate data management system based on artificial intelligence.

MITEGRO is a cooperation of 12 middle-class wholesale electrical supply companies in Germany and Austria. With more than 30 branch establishments and over 200 outlets, a centralized product information management is essential for MITEGRO, so that efficient data collection and management can be guaranteed, whilst saving resources.

The planning and setup of analysis, data enhancement and management with machine learning was particularly challenging. The business intelligence platform ApiOmat was introduced in order to guarantee a successful realization. The platform allows for a quick and effective deployment of data from the data lake for a variety of digital applications.

The pilot phase of the data lake and the advanced analytics project has now successfully been completed. On this occasion, W4 presented the Apinauts from Leipzig with delicious chocolate, just as it is proper for any Swiss company.