W4 proudly presents: The Zurich Theme for Hubspot

Userfriendly Theme for creatives & Creators

Our very first website theme is now available on HubSpot! We are proud to offer the Zurich Theme for free to all HubSpot users and are excited about the high demand. 

Themes (or templates) are design layouts for websites that are often offered by content management systems (CMS). In addition to aesthetic user interface designs, they contain industry-specific functions that website operators can utilise for their online presence. The font, colour scheme and logo can be quickly and easily adapted to your own branding to guarantee a coherent appearance across all pages.



Our graphic designer Zora Wenzel was a leading contributor to the creation of the theme. She states:

"Our very first W4 Hubspot Theme was intended as a homage to our headquarters. In 1994, W4 was founded in Zurich and is therefore the baseline for all subsequent locations. We hope to achieve the same with our new Hubspot Theme. Anyone who's ever been to Zurich knows the city and its characteristics and will see them reflected Zurich Theme."

The Zurich Theme is a flexible template to support personal brands, influencers, bloggers or other content creators. The theme includes six templates for different web pages (e.g. "About" and "Contact"), ten system templates (such as error messages and search results) and sixteen modules (e.g. call-to-action buttons). In other words, a lightweight, user-friendly theme that allows you to focus less on the design of your website and more on what you do best - creating compelling content that inspires! 


Discover the theme now!