What we offer you

When you join W4, challenging tasks and exciting projects await you! In return for your commitment we would like to express our appreciation in a special way - besides your salary, of course.

Discovering the world on the job

Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, China, Thailand...What's next? We do not know exactly yet. Definitely you will interact with colleagues and customers in different countries and also take the one or other business trip. Each trip will offer you opportunities to broaden your horizon in terms of culture, language and perspectives.

Refine your skillset

When you start with us, you will expand your business horizon quite naturally. W4 sees its business value in very well trained employees and gives you incentives and opportunities to further educate yourself, learn new technologies and methods.


At W4 we work according to the Scrum principle in teams of 4-7 members each. In your team you are immediately accepted as a full member and are directly involved in planning your first sprint. Short work cycles keep us agile and allow us to divide our workload so that we can always achieve our goals in the team and the whole company.


More than 10 different job profiles in 4 countries - there will be something for you! In our overview you can see which positions are currently available at W4. 

Current vacancies


Corinna Theune
Corinna Theune
Business Excellence
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