Colorful lead generation with fun – the schweizstrom Easter game

Electricity and gas are generally topics of low interest for many users. In cooperation with schweizstrom, W4 has found a way to create prospects and gain potential customers anyway. W4 develops creative campaigns that bring the user closer to the energy topic, while also involving other areas of interest.

The latest big campaign started in April. Right in the spirit of Easter, it addressed the play instinct of users. Users were able to click on 30 doors, which were randomly re-organized each time after loading the browser anew, while trying to find a rabbit that hid behind one of them. The clicks during each session were recorded by a counter. The fewer clicks needed to catch the rabbit, the higher the chances to win. Players were allowed to chase the rabbit as often as they wanted.


If the rabbit appeared, they could take part in the raffle for the main price by filling in a contact form. Generated contacts were directly fed into HubSpot, the marketing automation tool used by schweizstrom. Using the tool’s API made this possible. Apart from the main price, there were several other small raffles, in which questions in relation to the Easter holidays were being asked.


The aim of the game was to make people aware of schweizstrom by using gamification as well as to refine the branding, generate leads and consequently gain customers. With over 4600 submission, the game was a total success.


We realized the Easter game with the game and advent calendar tool previously developed by W4, which uses a user-friendly and easy manageable back-end.

Moreover, the interactive user interface is based on React. The backend consisted of different Firebase functionalities like hosting, Firestore (data base), storage and functions (for the areas not covered by the app).