EBL Telecom Website Relaunch mit HubSpot


We have been working with EBL for a long time. Now the new website of EBL Telecom AG, which belongs to EBL, went live in German and French at https://www.ebl-telecom.ch/de/ and https://www.ebl-telecom.ch/fr/ respectively. Naturally, the focus was on user-friendliness.  With just a few clicks, the content, products and contact details you are looking for can be accessed. Using a configurator with sliders, the customer can select the digital connection optimized to his needs. EBL thus brings an overview into the tariff jungle and only displays those offers that are interesting for the customer at the configurator.

The site is completely set up with the HubSpot CMS to identify clicking users on the website and develop marketing activities that match their interests. That is not all. We have combined the marketing automation power of HubSpot with the powerful online shop system of Magento 2. The best-of-breed approach fits with EBL. The entire process chain, from marketing to sales and customer service, is now increasingly interlinked in the back end thanks to interfaces.  Good luck, EBL Telecom!



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