Into an inspirational new year: The Jazz Giants calendar 2017

To hit the right note in every possible situation is the great art of good marketing. And it is great art that we present our colleagues, partners and clients with: the Jazz Giants Calendar features twelve extraordinary Jazz artists, who have shaped the history of music with every played tune. 

This year again, we were able to take on the talented artist David von Bassewitz. Last year the internationally acclaimed artist, who lives in Hamburg and Berlin, created his pieces with his Kolinsky sable-hair brush, drawing pen, coffee and cigarette ash. Compared to these, this year's works are a bit more colourful, brighter and airy. In twelve portraits, Bassewitz achieves an exciting balance between clear, detailed drawings and schematic, pastel-coloured outlines. His works thus visualise a connection between a successful, well-known past and a hopeful future, which has not yet materialised. In the end, the twelve calendar sheets are not only meant to be nice wall decoration but should also help to inspire new visions.