In our last news we already pointed out that W4 can be relied on in times of crisis like these. We would like to illustrate this with a customer example.

We are responsible for managing the online pharmacy of Amavita. Right now, new requirements and regulations by the government are constantly coming into force, to which we react immediately for the well-known online pharmacy. In that way we ensure that their customers get the service they are used to.  

As a result of the panic buying by the population, there were also shortages in pharmacies. In order to ensure that those who really need their medication can get it, the Bundesrat has rationed painkillers.


The shop system of Amavita therefore had to be adapted immediately in order to be able to digitally regulate the amount of medication sold per person. No problem with W4: we stand by our customers even in difficult times. That's why we will continue to make our services available to you.

We believe that it is above all solidarity that will lead us through this crisis!