W4 has been working successfully with Schaffner for many years. The company is a global leader in EMC products (e.g. filters for the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment). Its product portfolio also includes Power Quality, Power Magnetics and Automotive.

Especially for an internationally operating company, marketing automation offers many possibilities and a high level of convenience. For Schaffner we use the all-in-one solution HubSpot. The software is cloud-based and therefore location-independent. For a company like Schaffner, which has locations in Europe, Asia and North America, this is a great advantage.


What Marketing Automation can do

Today we support Schaffner in various areas with the help of marketing automation. As a certified HubSpot partner, we know how to use the software in a targeted and strategic manner. Here are a few examples:

  • Contact management
    The administration of contact data records is easy and clear. Through precise information and the assignment of personas, contacts can be grouped and addressed in a targeted manner. All necessary information can be stored in HubSpot.
  • Content Marketing
    The Impulse Blog of Schaffner is also set up and designed in HubSpot. The posts can be directly SEO-optimized. Which post ranked best? How many leads could be generated? This and much more can be tracked, evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted in HubSpot
  • Tracking
    Tracking enables to follow the behavior of interested parties and customers. From the contact form, to downloads and call-to-action.
  • Social Media
    By being linked to the most popular social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we can prepare, plan and post articles in the software.
  • Landing Pages
    For regular campaigns we design various landing pages, workflows, downloadable content, matching social media posts and ads. The behaviour of leads and customers can therefore be tracked precisely.
  • Newsletter
    We also create the e-mail templates for Schaffner in HubSpot - according to the corporate identity of the company. In order to achieve the best results, A-B tests can be done.
  • And much more
    Dashboards, reports, chat function, planning events and inviting participants, sales activities - there are no limits to marketing automation. Above all, it is essential that user behaviour can be presented transparently, so that the effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be measured.

We are pleased to be able to continue to support Schaffner to the fullest extent - even in times of crisis like these. After all, an inbound marketing strategy is most successful when it is implemented continuously.