We are fully aware that you are probably receiving a lot of information like this these days - we have therefore been a little hesitant about whether we should comment on the current situation at all. However, we are also aware that it is important for many people to remain active in business right now. For this reason we want to reassure you, and we are also able to reassure you: W4 is operating as usual.

Fortunately, we moved to the Cloud two years ago

We no longer have a central data and communication organization - which means you will still be able to access all of our services. No delay. Just as usual.

We continue our business as usual

In the last few weeks we have been heavily focusing on helping our customers to adapt to the new situation, to organize their marketing and sales, and to operate their online platforms. We continue to support all of our clients as before. Right now we are working on rolling out new digital services that will help our clients to master these challenging circumstances.

We are all working remotely from Home Office - so what?

Individual consulting requires personal contact and interaction - however, this is currently not a constraint for us. It simply means that we are moving all our face-to-face meetings to our online video conferencing systems. Our customer support responds with the same speed you are used to, and delivery of our services take the same amount of time as usual.

Hopefully, it will not take too long until we can all fully return to our international lifestyle.

Until then, we wish you all the best and good health

Your teams at W4