Fast job – the ZURZACH Care annual report

We have not implemented and went live with any other annual report as quickly as with the one from ZURZACH Care. But let's start from the beginning: After W4 had already been entrusted with the web relaunch of, the choice fell again on W4 for the technical implementation of the annual report. The online report, just as the website, should be set up with the HubSpot CMS. Our partner agency Top Line Group was responsible for the conception (layout & design). Various animations were created in cooperation with W4. Another distinctive feature of the annual report is the special imagery that gives the website that certain something.


When you click through the report, you will notice that it is particularly user-friendly and can be leafed through, almost like a catalog. Thanks to the appealing user experience, users receive all important information quickly, easily and clearly.



As already mentioned, the implementation was a challenge for us, especially in terms of time. Two of our developers implemented the project in just 1 ½ sprints – this of course to the full extent including extensive testing.

For the report, components were programmed with React and modules from HubSpot were used. The animations were created with Adobe After Effects. In order to being able to implement this adequately and to guarantee an optimal display, we built a React module. We have also implemented Google Maps with a corresponding filter function for an optimal user experience.

Convince yourself of the successful result: ZURZACH Care annual report.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Customer feedback:
"Well done! Many thanks to Marcel Gstädtner from Top Line and Artem Krot from W4 for the successful implementation.
The collaboration really rocked. " – Marietta Werder, Head of Communication at ZURZACH Care