Neukunden Gewinnung Burkhalter Networks

Burkhalter Net Works - customer acquisition

For nearly 10 years, Burkhalter Net Works has been active within the Burkhalter Group as the competence centre for telecommunications solutions. They are the official and certified sales partner of renowned manufacturers such as Aastra, Siemens and Panasonic.

Telecommunications is their speciality. It hasn't been that long at all since the business world communicated by mail, landline and fax. Today everything is different. We phone anywhere and anytime, are always online and we are being just about ploughed over by new communication technologies. This gives rise to the need for a partner that is familiar with state-of-the-art developments and helps you stay well-connected. Anytime and anywhere.

Burkhalter Net Works strives to constantly develop its comprehensive and professional offer, even for new market segments. In order to achieve this, they have worked out a fitting CallCenter package in a joint venture with W4. 

This is where our Sales Factory comes into play: The segment to be addressed has been precisely defined and restricted. The companies active in this field are contacted by our expert staff by phone and informed of the various products and services of Burkhalter Net Works. In this, a great degree of sensitivity and friendly sales talent is required. The task is to find out the needs of the business partner within a few minutes and arouse his interest. 
The objective is to reach the right contact person within the company and invite him to an appointment with the specialists from Burkhalter Net Works, where they can present them their offer in person and convince them of it. 
The continual handling of the defined market segment also pursues long-term objectives. If no appointment can be created, it was still possible to collect important market information that can be very useful for the further line of action. There are, for example, many companies that would like to be contacted again at a later time, but also some that show no interest at all—due to the size of their company or other factors. Depending on whom, the contacts may no longer be pursued and thus the segment that is of interest to Burkhalter is further restricted. 
The project has been going on for quite a while now and has been demonstrating the desired success. The direct and personal addressing of clients is a very effective client acquisition instrument—natural but also very time-consuming at the same time. But the success justifies the cost—the new clients are satisfied—Burkhalter Net Works is satisfied—and thus we are too.