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Etavis - Art Work Robot

Cost-effective printing management thanks to the use of W4 WebPrePrint.

Our cooperation venture with ETAVIS is a prime example for the successful use of our WebPrePrint product.

ETAVIS is your Switzerland-wide partner for integral building technology and telecommunication infrastructure, and has over 1,770 employees in numerous departments. A company like this has an enormous need for printed items such as business cards, brochures, stationary and much more. The uniform and simple management of all this simplifies day-to-day business quite a bit, but it's a challenging task.

With our WebPrePrint, all this is child's play now. It allows not only the online ordering of printed articles at the best prices, but also the redesign and generation of them on a platform that is specially conceived for this.  

The underlying idea may already be prepared, but we have been able to offer many attractive benefits. Our program is backed by a global list of printing shops. An order, once issued, is sent to all printing shops, which then can send back their offers. Once the ideal offer is selected, the appropriate printing shop is provided with a standardised PDF with which they can fulfil the order smoothly. This ensures not only the best offer, but also freedom in the selection of a printing shop. There is no obligation or restriction in the awarding of the order. Other products can't offer you this comfort.  

With our innovative offer, we have been able to centre the entire corporate design project of ETAVIS and provide the company with the security of being able to rely on uniform, reliable, simple and good-value printing management.  

Corporate communications

Corporate communicationsCI/CD manuals, image brochures or trade show booths - Communication is important.