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Intelligibility without Gobbledygook – the Animated Product Film for Filtrox AG Bio Filters

There is nothing more tiring than long, complicated product description that even leave experts wondering. 

Products that require some explaining are best presented in animated shorts nowadays. Using images and strong arguments, they encapsulate the why and how a given product simplifies work and brings better results. 

We created an animated video showcasing the many benefits of the FILTRODISCTM BIO SD Filter that Filtrox AG wanted to show during an important trade fair.

The viewer learns how the complex filter is built and how it can be used the develop cell cultures. Highlights, innovations and the most important selling propositions are all emphasized by the voice-over artist while the animation visualized the process step by step. 

In order to get into a conversation with prospects, the product presentation does not rely on technical data or or jargon. Filtrox knows: once the prospect have become interested, they are willing to look at a data sheet to get all the information on technical features.

Storyboard as well as the complete animation process in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Post Production were all handled by W4.

Exhibition marketing

Trade fares are still one of the best places for business communications.


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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects provides the perfect environment for our designers to create effective and stunning animations in 3D.