W4 Reference – Generali Pensionsberaung ZfP

Story, Flyer, Questionnaire Sales Materials for Generali

Many people look forward to their life as retirees after a life of work. Finally they have time they can devote to their hobbies and things on their wish list. This, however, requires some good financial planning. 

Condition 1: Health.
Condition 2: Money.

Generali's center for pension planning has been helping its clients make provision for retirement. This why Generli approached W4 to create information materials for its advisers. 

The benefits of Generli's consulting are illustrated at the hand of an animated video and an information leaflet. The clips shows a couple that is concerned whether it can afford the things they have planned for retirement.


Storyboard & Flyer
Pension Questionnaire
Text creation/ Online editing

Create corporate websites, choose topics and text for customer newsletters, gain new customers via interactive platforms, write PR reports ... Are you wondering when you will actually have time to do this?


Set yourself apart from the competition: Realized professionally, high-end 3D visualizations make your product a real attention getter – either on your web site, in ads or presentations.

Printed communications

Magazines, brochures, catalogues, fliers, posters and direct marketing - The right mix brings success.