Switzerland from below: virtual "journey through depth and time"

The National Cooperative for the Storage of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) is tasked with developing and implementing solutions for the safe disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland. In addition to the website www.nagra.ch, the cooperative also runs a blog, in which the employees report from their work life and provide information on the disposal of radioactive waste. As an interactive extra, Nagra contacted W4 asking to bring their "journey through depth and time" to life. In this journey, visitors can explore Switzerland from below the surface.

Responsive journey through depth and time

Nagra provided W4 with the building blocks for the journey through depth and time. By simply scrolling, the user dives into the interior of the planet centimeters by centimeter.

A kind of control panel shows users how far below the surface they are, how old the respective rock layer is and what temperatures they would find there. On the left and right of the probe penetrating into the layers of rock, the user finds animated graphics. By clicking on these graphics, an information field opens up to provide further insights on the depicted phenomenon, e.g. rocks, creatures or archeological finds. 

An important criterium for the realization of the landing page was that it can be displayed on all devices. Whether a desktop PC or smartphone, users can take the journey through depth and time from wherever they are. It does not matter whether they use the scroll wheel of a mouse or the finger on the screen of their mobile device.


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