Productlaunch Nestlé Shreddies

Nestlé - Shreddies

W4 has often successfully cooperated with Nestlé. This way, we were also able to contribute to the launching of their new product, Shreddies, the tasty, crunchy, whole-grain squares. 
In order to successfully sell and position itself on the market, a new product requires attention and has to be attractive and new for its target group. The target group should be young families in this case—active and dynamic. Because not only do children enjoy the taste of Shreddies, but they're also healthy and provide energy for the whole day. 
The concept should thus be young and modern, and address the whole family. Music was the magic word here: Anyone, whether young or old, listens to music. Music brings people together and is fun. That's why the concept of a music store was created: In each package of Shreddies, a code is printed that can be used to download three songs on the website that was specially created for this purpose. 
W4 has already collected quite a bit of experience with music promotions. We've already been a deal with Sony for providing songs. The thing it still needed was an appropriate design on the packaging that drew attention to the promotion, a website where you could enter your code and thus access the music store created by us, where you could choose your three favourite songs from over 1000 of them. 
The concept had its effect: The product gained presence and was a sales hit thanks to the enticing free music offer. The idea addressed the target group with precision and W4 was able to record another success for Nestlé through its perfected integral marketing.

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