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Roamer of Switzerland - International advertising strategy

The implementation: Modern spirit for effective image

Already prior to the promotional campaign, W4 was a step ahead as a consultant to the company, helping Roamer develop the new, desired image. In order to communicate the new image, one thing was most important of all: drawing attention, and in the right places. As part of the service, W4 conceived an international and interculturally comprehensible 360-degree print and online advertising campaign that should allow Roamer to address all targeted markets in as cost-effective of a manner as possible. To this end, W4 developed a photo series that should leave an impression with its distinctive visual language and effectively visualise the new "Quality Time" image on an international level—as a valuable, pleasure-oriented time—while remaining true to the Roamer line in terms of quality and durability.

Thanks to professional PR work, today Roamer achieves numerous publications in influential specialist journals and lifestyle magazines. The new image is continuing to appear on the web, on the completely overhauled W4 site and on specialist blogs, as well as the brand's newly created English Facebook channel. In addition, W4 is in direct contact with the distributors active for Roamer and provides relevant groups such staff, distributors and specialist retailers with the latest information via the "Roamer Times" (print) and a newsletter (online) in order to implement the new concept internationally in a uniform manner, to facilitate the flow of information within the company and among its partners and to ensure comprehensive and far-reaching public awareness

W4's main tasks in the course of the repositioning at a glance:

The client

As a Swiss watch brand, Roamer has been manufacturing high-quality timepieces for over 120 years and hails to a long tradition of Swiss watchmaking. With quality and classic designs, the company enjoys an international reputation, not least because Roamer understands the art of incorporating modern lifestyle in its own way. The watches not only ensure maximum comfort, but are also an accessory for any occasion.

Since the 1960s, Roamer has achieved particularly great success on the markets in China and the United Arab Emirates as a Swiss-made watch brand. Many ups and downs in the industry have led to decreased sales over the past decades. The brand has managed to maintain its excellent reputation mainly among older age groups. In order to appeal to a younger audience as well, Roamer is joining up with W4 to prepare a modern brand image that is tailored to the needs and interests of target groups from 25 years of age and up. Besides the revision of traditional marketing efforts, this required the introduction of modern information channels such as Facebook, WordPress and YouTube. 

Since their gradual introduction in 2011, the new watch collections have been providing support through a balance between existing elegance and quality and the newly acquired enjoyment of precious time. This joie de vivre, whether in sports or intimate get-togethers with friends and family, is the most important part.

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