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Animation Creates Emotion – Robatech Communicates Strategic Partnership with Moving Images

How to communicate a recently agreed upon economic cooperation to clients, partners and employees? If the partnership is is to be taken with more than a shrug, this development should be communicated in a way that evokes positive emotions.

This was the objective of Robatech, an internationally renowned company for its hot and cold glue solutions, which has formed a partnership with W.H. Leary Co, Inc.

Open towards modern communication ideas, Robatech approached W4. We developed a 3D animation video based on a striking design idea, which was visualized in a story that incorporates Robatech's typical clients to communicate the core message “Working together for a stronger bond”.

The corporate division packaging is the company's core business. Cardboards – the idea of a pop-up landscape was born. 


3D Animation Video
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Trade fairs are still one of the best places for business communications.


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