Smarties Game

Smarties Game

Smarties—the most popular snack from Nestle for the whole family—can be found all over the world. Travellers are also offered the broad and colourful range of chocolate candy at airports around the world. But the scene at departure terminals is familiar: The people are stressed or tired, so that they don't even notice the attractive offer.

That's why Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has started the Perfect Store campaign. The goal of the promotion is to address passengers at departure terminals in an innovative and creative manner and motivate them to make an impulsive purchase at the shop. In order to arouse true interest and readiness to make a purchase among customers, this concept relies on an interactive game in the attractive colours of Smarties. 

The example in question is called "Fly around the World with Smarties". This name is by all means to be taken literally, as the player himself flies, standing on a balance board and using his whole body, a virtual aeroplane around the world, collecting points and trying to beat the record. The bright colours and completely new playing experience stir fantasy and ambition, and provide for tons of fun and good times—for the whole family. Since it encourages physical action, the game fits perfectly to the spirit of the Smarties brand, which often speaks out for the health and well-being of the young and old. 

When the interactive aeroplane lands, the customer finds himself in a colourful shopping paradise with attractive 3 for 1 promotions, exclusive products such as the new Smarties Mickey & Friends gift box and much more. The playing fun that the customer has just had and the lingering, positive experience are supposed to motivate the passengers to make a purchase. Fun and good times can help significantly raise the conversion rate. 

W4's role in this project was clear: the design and programming of the Smartie Game. The Smarties world was created, a pilot born, an aeroplane built for him. Even the entire game area, with screen and board, was fine-tuned to the brand line with many bright colours.

The promotion started on 25 April 2011 as a world premier at terminal 3 of the Changi airport and is being adapted for various airports throughout the course of 2011. Come drop by the next time you travel!

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