A website that turns the product into an experience.

The task: A world of experience for fans of snuff

In response to the growing anti-smoking mood and the, at the same time, increasing number of snuff takers, Poeschl Tobacco Switzerland AG is aiming to broaden the circle of snuff consumers over the coming years. Working in collaboration with W4, it has therefore developed a modern, fresh campaign designed to appeal to younger customers in particular.

Implementation: Smoke Free Police 

At the core of the campaign is the Smoke Free Police. With a twinkle in their eye and their inevitable line, "Are you still smoking or are you snuffing yet?", these officers monitor smoke-free tobacco consumption. Communication centres on a website created by W4, which transports the mainly male recipients into a fantasy world. At www.smokefree-police.ch they can enjoy the company of attractive female representatives of the Smoke Free Police and access information on products and events. They can also order selected products and merchandise, enter prize draws and find out about the latest news on the site blog. The website also links to www.schnupf-sprüche.ch, a microsite where users can post their best snuff quotes for a chance to win a prize.

Tailored to the target group, www.smokefree-police.ch offers a compelling mix of tradition, eroticism, humour and knowledge. It meets users emotionally and turns the taking of snuff into an experience.

The Client

Poeschl Tobacco Switzerland AG forms part of the PÖSCHL TOBACCO GROUP, one of Europe's leading producers and distributors of tobacco products. Poeschl Tobacco's roots go back more than 100 years, and it now has 14 subsidiaries and affiliated companies with more than 770 employees worldwide and export activities in a good 100 countries.

The extensive range of offerings covers snuff such as Alpina Snuff and tobacco-free snuff such as Ozona Snuffy weiss, traditional schmalzlers such as Brasil A, pipe tobaccos such as Exclusiv and Brookfields and well-known cigarette (tobacco) brand Pueblo.

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