More leads with marketing automation and competence platform

What would modern industry be without high-quality sensors? Hardly imaginable. The same applies to companies and marketing. A growth-oriented business needs a sophisticated strategic marketing in order to expand its customer base. For our customer STS Sensortechnik Simach, our main focus was therefore on:

  • Marketing Automation,
  • Online lead generation,
  • Content marketing.

Since 1978, STS Sensortechnik Simach AG has been supporting various industries with the development of first class pressure transducers, sensors, data loggers and level probes. Content marketing in connection with search engine optimization in particular can be a valuable tool for STS, which has a rather specific customer base and it wants to expand.


Marketing Automation
Content Marketing
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Online communication

Websites, online stores, micro-sites, digital marketing, social media, SEM, and more - Online is the future.

Marketing Automation

Know what customers want and manage campaigns effectively - marketing automation makes it possible.

Content marketing

Content marketing: the new webmarketing for more traffic, better Google ranking and a smart image transfer. 



HubSpot is an all in one solution for personalized inbound marketing activities. Using this open source companies have an easy way to grab the target groups' attention, to convert leads and to keep clients happy.