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Awakening Interest Is a Supreme Discipline – Trade Fair Marketing for Zumbach Electronics

There is one thing the cable and wire trade shows across the globe have in common: conservative communication conformity abounds as far as the eyes can see. Most exhibitors focus their communication on presenting product features, talking about product innovations, technical data and hope to make some sales. It takes courage to do it differently than everyone else. Buying agents are human beings, not machines, which is why courage pays off most of the time. They want to see the benefits a solution offers their company. 

Zumbach Electronics has recognized this. The leading manufacturer of online measuring, controlling, and monitoring systems for the cable and wire industry invested into a 3D design of the exhibition stand for the Wire 2014. The objective was to prominently feature the USPs of the solutions on show – but without technical data or carefully drafted texts. Instead, a metaphoric visual language and expressive headlines took center stage. Once visitors have entered the booth to learn more details on the presented solutions, they could get in-depth information from a power point presentation we created.


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