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Odoo is described as a fully integrated and customizable open source suite of business applications that can cover a wide range of business needs. 

With over 2,500 modules and apps, Odoo offers an extensive ecosystem that can satisfy various business needs and systems, including the customization of your website. From ERP and CRM to eCommerce and sales, the possibilities seem endless. But how easy is it to use and customize these modules?

That's where our W4 Odoo experts come in - from app development to consulting and support, we can cover all your Odoo needs.

Odoo extensions and customizations

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A key feature that sets Odoo apart from many other ERP solutions is its modular architecture. With a diverse selection of over 100 Odoo base modules or apps, it covers a wide range of business functions. From basic areas such as manufacturing, warehousing and accounting to core areas such as sales, eCommerce and HR, Odoo offers a comprehensive solution tailored to a wide range of business needs.

We offer you the ability to extend your Odoo modules with customizable apps and add-ons.

We can create or customize functions for your individual requirements. In addition, we can also integrate other software with Odoo and assist you with data migrations, upgrades, training and support.

Odoo Apps Development

We specialize in helping companies select and implement the ideal modules for their unique requirements. Whether you are looking to streamline operations, increase productivity or overcome industry-specific challenges, we will guide you in identifying and integrating the right Odoo applications.

Our expertise also extends to customized solutions to ensure that even the most specific or complex requirements are met. We have access to an extensive collection of modules available in the official Odoo App Store and can also develop customized applications tailored to your company's exact requirements.

This ensures that your ERP system is perfectly aligned with your business objectives.


Our Odoo Apps Capabilities


Odoo Kanban Board App

Our commitment to agility is reflected in the development of our innovative Odoo Kanban Board app, designed for agile project management.

This dynamic tool gives your tasks unprecedented clarity and uses the Kanban style to provide a visual representation of your work processes.

Increase your team's efficiency and foster interdepartmental collaboration.


Odoo app for Swiss Retailers

We have developed a specialized Odoo app that greatly simplifies and virtually automates the management and processing of GRC fees for merchandise transactions.

Our app integrates seamlessly with the Odoo ERP system, which is already used for a variety of business processes, and offers the following key features

Learn more

Individuelle Board-Gestaltung

Odoo Apps Consultancy

Looking for expert advice on Odoo apps and modules? Look no further.

Our consulting services specialize in Odoo apps and are customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact us today, and let's work together to find the perfect Odoo solution for your specific needs.

Odoo Apps Price 

When it comes to Odoo apps, pricing models can vary and offer flexibility to meet different needs. Here's a breakdown:

Free plan

Some apps are completely free to use, even on the free plan, and offer basic functionalities or fulfill specific requirements.


These apps offer a limited range of functions free of charge, with the option of using additional functions via paid subscriptions. Paid subscriptions can be based on a monthly fee per user or a one-off fee.

Paid Apps

Certain apps are only available via paid subscriptions and offer premium functions for a monthly fee per user or a one-off payment.

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Individual Development

We offer custom development if you need special features that are not available in the Odoo App Store. The prices for these customized applications vary depending on the complexity of your project and the resources required. At W4 we work in the best interest of our customers.

Odoo Implementation for wps4digital AG

Digital Transformation of wps4digital AG

wps4digital AG faced a significant change as it made the transition from being managed under the umbrella of a corporate group to establishing itself as an independent entity. Central to this transformation was the need to transfer information and processes previously managed in the group's corporate systems to a new, independent and cost-effective solution.


This is where W4 comes into play, equipped with Odoo, the all-in-one business software. After a thorough analysis of wps4digital AG's specific needs, W4 proposed a comprehensive solution. The implementation included:

checkedSales & CRM checked Website
checkedMarketing automation checked Accounting
checked Subscriptions checkedPayroll

checkedVacation, time recording and overtime

checkedExpenses report
checkedTime and attendance management

checkedProject management and resource planning


checkedEfficiency increased significantly thanks to the centralization and integration of all operations.

checkedReal-time data-based decision-making became possible.

checkedCollaboration between departments improved thanks to transparent and accessible data.

Ready to transform your business like wps4digital AG? Contact us today to discuss how our customized Odoo solutions can revolutionize your operations.


Dies ist nicht nur ein Systemupgrade, es ist eine transformative Veränderung in unserer Arbeitsweise. Dank der Expertise von W4 bei der Implementierung von Odoo sind wir jetzt besser aufgestellt, um als unabhängige Einheit erfolgreich zu sein.

Thomas Andres
Geschäftsleiter, wps4digital AG


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