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Maximize the full potential of Odoo with our robust hosting solutions!

Streamline your business operations with a lightning-fast, secure Odoo environment. Our expert Odoo team handles everything from server setup to ongoing maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Odoo ERP Software Development: Your Path to Growth


Swiss Hosting Solution

Our hosting services are located on Swiss servers. By choosing Swiss-based hosting, you benefit from robust data protection laws and high privacy standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is stored securely in Switzerland.


Hassle-Free Management

With W4 ODOO Partner Agency, you won’t need to worry about complex server management. We take care of the technical nitty-gritty, ensuring your Odoo runs smoothly and efficiently. No technical expertise required on your side!


Top-Tier Security

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our top-tier security measures and reliable backups. We keep your data safe and secure, so you can rest assured your business-critical information is always protected.


Quick and Easy Setup

Get started quickly and easily. Our streamlined onboarding process gets you up and running with Odoo in no time.

Flexible Hosting Plans

Don’t settle for limitations. Our hosting plans offer the flexibility you need to customize Odoo to fit your unique business needs perfectly.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our hosting solutions are tailored to your business requirements. We configure the server specifications according to your planned usage, ensuring cost-effective pricing as you only pay for what you use. If your business grows, we can always scale the solutions with additional RAM, CPUs, etc.

Swiss Cloud Servers

We focus on Swiss cloud server installations to maintain local privacy protection laws. This ensures full DSGVO compliance and reduced risk.

Control and Transparency

Our proposed installation allows us full control over our system, offering peace of mind by clearly defining where your data is hosted and who manages it.

Local Partnerships

Working with local partners to prepare and install the server, we offer a personalized experience with direct contact to each involved company. The terms and conditions are transparent and localized, fully adapted to the Swiss community.

Focus on growth, not IT hassles. Choose our Odoo hosting services and empower your business to thrive!


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Our Hosting Solutions

W4 offers a range of Odoo hosting plans designed to meet your business’s unique needs. Choose the perfect fit and unlock the full potential of Odoo!


Starter Pack


Enterprise Pack

Ideal For



  • SMEs with up to 30 employees, 
  • Installed around 30 Odoo-Apps
  • Usage of around 6 apps daily.

  • SMEs with 30-60 employees
  • Installed around 30 Odoo-Apps
  • Usage of around 6 apps daily.
  • Medium to large enterprises with their own IT department.



  • Swiss Cloud Server
  • Daily Backups (stored for 14 days)
  • Fully DSG Compliant
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security Settings (SSL Certificate, Firewall, DDoS Protection)
  • Swiss Cloud Server
  • Daily Backups (stored for 30 days)
  • Fully DSG Compliant
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security Settings (SSL Certificate, Firewall, DDoS Protection)
  • Swiss Cloud Server
  • Daily Backups (stored for 30 days)
  • Fully DSG Compliant
  • Server Monitoring
  • Security Settings (SSL Certificate, Firewall, DDoS Protection)

Technical Specifications


Virtual Private Server (VPS)
by our partner Metanet

  • 8GB RAM
  • Octa-Core (8 vCPU cores)
  • 100GB Storage
  • Broadband Connection
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
by our partner Metanet

  • 16GB RAM
  • 12 vCPU cores
  • 250GB Storage
  • Kubernetes for flexible containerization and automation
  • Hosting on desired platforms such as GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean or existing systems

Maintenance and Security


  • Security patches
  • System patches
  • Security patches
  • System patches
  • Server surveillance
  • Security patches
  • System patches
  • Server surveillance



  • Customizable backup strategy with Retention Strategy
  • Storage on desired medium e.g.: S3 SFTP etc.



  • Scalable components for FileStore and database



cross_grey cross_grey
  • PostgreSQL recommended, other options available

Server Monitoring


  • Integration with existing monitoring installations
  • Direct access to server statistics for IT departments



cross_grey cross_grey
  • Logging and CI/CD support
  • Integration with existing logging installations



cross_grey cross_grey
  • Depending on the scope of the project, we recommend a sophisticated development and testing environment that enables extensive testing with key data

Data anonymization


  • Data anonymization for secondary and development environments



3140 CHF - 5140 CHF* 3240 CHF - 5240 CHF* Based on requirements and integration level

*Prices can be provided post clarification of exact installation

I want to know more!


Server Installation and Ongoing Operations

Depending on the package and exact installation, a server installation might cost you anything between 3'000 - 6'000 CHF.

This includes:

  • The installation of distribution system, OS, filestore, backup function, firewall, SSL certificate, CI/CD for developments/adjustments
  • DNS configuration to access your system through a web-browser (For example, odoo.meine-firma.ch)
  • email server integrations
  • Swiss data privacy law compliance

*The server is provided by our partner Metanet. W4 cannot guarantee Metanet’s prices or influence them. The contract is directly between the customer and Metanet. W4 handles system installation and maintenance.

We offer monthly ongoing operations for prices ranging between 20 CHF - 30 CHF. Depending on your package, these include:

  • Complete Server surveillance in order to react to performance issues accurately
  • Daily backups
  • Monitoring bot to check the control of the system

What to Consider When Self-Hosting

When transitioning to a self-hosted Odoo server, you will need to consider several important tasks. We consider these as opportunities as they can offer you greater flexibility. Our team can help you navigate these considerations effectively. Key questions to consider include:


Sending and receiving emails from the system

We recommend using free integrations with existing M365 or Google Workspace Accounts. An SMTP server can also be easily integrated.

Domain Name

A domain name or subdomain is required to access your system from a web browser. Usually, your existing company domain can be used.


Development and Testing Environment

We recommend setting up testing/staging environments for customization. We can handle this setup, including defining a CI/CD.

Backup Storage

Regular backups stored in an offsite location are crucial. We offer solutions where backups are safely stored on alternative Swiss servers.


Plan for future growth with more powerful systems. We can help you choose a hosting provider that allows easy scaling.

Self-hosting vs. Odoo Cloud

What is Odoo Cloud?

Odoo Cloud, also known as odoo.sh, is a deployment system based on the Google Cloud Platform that allows for rapid deployment of an Odoo system.


Odoo Cloud


Storage Location


  • In Google Cloud data centers. 
  • Can only be selected by region (continent). 
  • Odoo reserves the right to move the system to another data center at any time.
  • Can be hosted in any desired country according to specific preferences. Locations depend on the chosen server provider.




  • Immediate deployment possible. Ordering can be processed online. Fully orchestrated CI/CD.
  • Server must be prepared by a DevOps developer.
  • Speed and extent of possible automations depend on the chosen service provider.




  • Integrated unit and system tests.    
  • System and development tests must be written independently. The quality depends on the implementation system of the development partner.

Pricing Server Capacity


  • Pricing based on "Workers".
  • No contract customization possible.
  • Pricing typically depends on the chosen server configurations, making it more transparent.
  • Many providers offer customizable contracts and pricing.

Pricing Data Storage


  • €0.16 per GB.
  • Typically more expensive but tailored to specific needs.

Terms of Use


  • No direct reference to GDPR laws and responsibilities. 
  • Ownership of the data remains with the customer.
  • Terms can often be negotiated if needed.
  • They vary by provider but are usually tailored to local requirements and laws.
  • Full ownership and control of the data.

Data Protection


  • Generally compliant with Swiss data protection law, as the EU has an adequate level of data protection.
  • Fully compliant with Swiss data protection laws.

*Please note that all information provided on this page is general in nature and does not constitute individual legal advice. For specific consulting needs, please contact a qualified professional.

Why W4 for your Odoo Hosting needs?


Fine-Tuned Resource Allocation

Our Odoo hosting plans offer resource allocations (CPU, RAM, storage) to match your business needs, avoiding overpayment for unused resources.

Effortless Scalability

Your business is ever-evolving, and your Odoo needs should adapt seamlessly.  Our plans are designed for easy scaling. As your traffic or data requirements increase, you can effortlessly upgrade your plan with minimal downtime. Focus on growing your business; we'll handle the infrastructure growth.


Fort Knox-Level Security

Your data is your business's lifeblood. That's why we prioritize security with robust measures like industry-standard firewalls and advanced intrusion detection systems. We offer peace of mind knowing your Odoo instance is protected from unauthorized access and potential threats.


Impregnable Backups

We understand the importance of safeguarding your critical business data. Our automated backup system runs frequently (depending on your plan) and stores your backups securely in geographically separate locations.  In case of any unforeseen event, you can recover your data quickly and minimize disruption.

Performance You Can Count On

A sluggish Odoo instance can hinder your productivity. We go beyond just providing hosting. Our expert team actively monitors your Odoo environment and proactively suggests optimizations. This ensures that your system continues to run fast and smoothly, even with increased usage, and helps you cut costs by eliminating unnecessary server capabilities.

Focus on growth, not IT hassles. Choose W4 for your Odoo hosting needs and empower your business to thrive!


Your Odoo Experts

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Do you offer customer service and support for Odoo hosting in German?
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What security measures does your Odoo hosting offer (e.g. backups, data protection)?
Does your agency offer different Odoo hosting packages? Can the package be customized to my company's needs?

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