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As a full-service provider, W4 offers customers in Switzerland and beyond, high-quality development work for sophisticated web apps, among other things, as part of marketing automation solutions, complex digital platforms, AI-supported marketing and data pools. We are your Odoo ready partner agency from Switzerland with a broad range of services. 

One of our strengths: Odoo app development and integration.

Each company is unique, and we have the expertise you need to implement any standard Odoo application your business might require. In addition, our knowledgeable developers can build custom Odoo applications which are tailored to more specific needs. 

Our Individual Odoo apps

Odoo Apps Development Switzerland - OUR INDIVIDUAL ODOO APPS

Our Odoo development team has the technological know-how to develop custom Odoo apps according to your wishes. Whether custom modules or more extensive adaptations: We are your competent as well as experienced partner and will find the best practice for your company. With us you will have a better understanding of your Odoo projects, regardless if you only operate in Switzerland or globally.

Agile methods enable teams to deliver results faster and customers can access product or service iterations earlier, therefore we strongly emphasize the agile way of working according to the Scrum principles.

From this standpoint, we have built the Odoo Kanban Board App for Project Management.


Odoo Kanban Board App for Agile Project Management

The Odoo Kanban Board, developed by W4, enables a clear visualisation of all tasks in Kanban style. This gives you impeccable clarity about your work processes and can increase the efficiency of your teams in the company. 

It can also improve collaboration between departments. Thanks to the practical filter functions according to teams or projects, you always have an up-to-date overview of projects and task distribution. This way, you can significantly improve your resource planning.


Odoo Apps Development Switzerland - Odoo Kanban Board App for Agile Project Management

Clear Visualization and Transparency

Our Kanban Board brings light into the darkness of your project landscape. With an intuitive Kanban-style visualization of all projects and tasks, you and your teams get an unmatched overview of current workloads. This transparency promotes a deeper understanding of project progress and helps to make daily meetings (dailies) more effective.


Efficient project and department management

Are you tired of losing track between countless projects and departments? Our app offers a solution by using a department filter that allows you to organize projects/tasks of selected departments in a single Kanban view. The project selection function also enables targeted filtering to obtain either specific projects or a comprehensive overview of all projects.

Individual board design

Individual board design

Make your projects uniquely recognizable with specific keys, detailed descriptions and color codes. These features improve the orientation and navigation of your boards by providing easy-to-understand visual differentiation.

Time-based filters for efficient planning

Our Odoo app includes time-based filters that allow teams to quickly view tasks for the defined sprint intervals, such as the current week. This feature supports intuitive planning and enables an immediate understanding of sprint progress.

The added value for your company

The added value for your company lies not only in the improved communication and collaboration between different departments in project management, but also in the support of an agile transformation throughout the entire company. With our specially developed filter functions, no project or task remains hidden. As a central tool for agile practices, the Odoo app promotes the flexibility and adaptability of your teams.

The Odoo Kanban Board app is designed to ease the transition from traditional project management tools like Jira and enable your teams to take their agile working methods to the next level. Let's increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization together.


Efficient management of Swiss vRG fees for goods transactions: the innovative Odoo app

In Switzerland, the advance recycling fee (vorgezogene Recyclinggebühr (vRG/vRB) ) plays a central role for retailers of electrical and electronic devices. The legally prescribed disposal fee (VEG), which is shown when new products are sold to the end customer, is used to finance the collection, recycling and disposal of these devices. A particular challenge here is the correct handling of these fees. For the consumer electronics segment in particular, where organizations such as Swico and SENS manage the recycling processes, it is essential to handle these processes efficiently.


Odoo Apps Development Switzerland - The Challenge for Swiss Merchants

The Challenge for Swiss Merchants

Merchandise stores are obliged to disclose the vRG transparently at the time of sale and to pay the fees collected correctly at the same time. In addition, Swico offers goods retailers the opportunity to reclaim part of the vRG fees. However, this requires careful documentation and accounting, which can represent an administrative burden that should not be underestimated, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

The solution: Our Odoo app for Swiss retailers

To address these challenges, we developed a specialized Odoo app that significantly simplifies and virtually automates the management and handling of vRG fees for goods transactions. Our app integrates seamlessly into the Odoo ERP system, which is already used for a variety of business processes, and offers the following key functions:



Pre-configuration of the vRG fees in products

Similar to VAT, the vRG can be pre-configured in products. This allows them to be divided into the vRG categories and linked to the correct tariffs. All products can be updated quickly in the event of a rate change by Swico.


Automated display of vRG fees

When creating an invoice, quotation, order or receipt, the VRG fees are now automatically added to each order line (product). The vRG fees are shown directly in the document. In this way, your company remains compliant with Swico regulations and qualifies for reimbursement for the disposal of packaging. You also maintain transparent communication with your customers and promote customer satisfaction.


Efficient management of reimbursements thanks to transparent reporting and documentation

In the Odoo accounting app, your company can always view the current status of the ARF fees collected. This means you are always ready to submit the statement to Swico and request a refund. The vRG report is also ready-made, making it very easy to complete the Swico packaging statement. The report can of course be filtered according to the desired accounting period (per year, quarter or semester).

The added value for your company

Our Odoo app enables merchandise businesses to drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with managing vRG fees and the associated legal requirements. Automating these processes not only saves time and resources, but also minimizes the risk of errors and ensures greater transparency and compliance.

Goods businesses in Switzerland bear a significant responsibility with the advance recycling fee. However, thanks to innovative solutions such as our Odoo app, this challenge not only becomes manageable, but also an efficient part of your day-to-day business.  With the Odoo vRG app, the advance recycling fee (vRG) is no longer an administrative burden, but opens up the opportunity for companies to tap into new sources of income through efficient packaging billing.

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