What does marketing mean in this day and age? How does it work online and what does it actually take for good marketing? Now we answer these questions not only on the Swiss marketing blog, but also in the new W4 podcast.

As a normal person it is difficult for Swiss presenter and comedienne Stéphanie Berger to see through this. But she gets answers to her questions, and without any technical jargon, but in Swiss German: In the conversation with Sarah Wilhelm, CEO of the Zurich-based W4 Marketing AG, it's all about the basics of online marketing, the possibilities of increasing efficiency through automation, marketing and much more! 


What we wanted to avoid at all costs were boring, highly complex monologues on online marketing topics that only just twenty percent of experts from our network understand. Now you can treat yourself to a listen on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or any other podcast platform.  You'll notice that in previous episodes, host Stéphanie Berger takes a very pragmatic approach to topics such as "efficient digital marketing" and our CEO of W4 Sarah Wilhelm answers the questions posed for ordinary mortals without any technical jargon - incidentally, this is also the case in the latest episode on the current topic of "Covid-19 and the new world of digitalization".

Feel free to take us along on a long car ride or into the quiet evening hours.
We'll be happy to provide short entertainment and little "aha" moments in digital marketing at the touch of a button.

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