To celebrate our recent partnerships with wps4digital and Lobster, we held a relaxed event with 23 guests at the Giesserei in Oerlikon, Zurich, in November.

The morning began with strong coffee, Gipfel (swiss croissants) and a warm welcome from the Managing Director of W4, Sarah Wilhelm.

In the first of the two short presentations, Alexander Strupf, BU Director & KAM of the Lobster Group, introduced us to the innovative and far-reaching universe of Lobster_data, Lobster_pro and Lobster_pim in just 20 minutes.

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This was followed by delicious tapas, which were freshly prepared for us at the location and offered a welcome change to the usual brunch. A large number of new contacts have been established, existing acquaintances were cultivated and the latest industry trends in retail, trade and among manufacturers  were discussed.

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The second presentation demonstrated the challenges that Pistor AG, a leading, independent retail and service company for the bakery and confectionery industry as well as for the catering and care sectors, had to contend with before Lobster_pim was introduced. The previous PIM system was getting outdated. It could no longer manage the immensely growing amount of data and was also not really intuitive to use. Lobster_pim now covers the company's entire product marketing, from the 620-page main catalog to promotional booklets and the online store. Before introducing the new PIM system, Pistor tested software from seven providers and opted for Lobster_pim. "It's the best tool to configure that optimally covers our needs," said Hubert Koch, Team Leader Marketing Services at Pistor. With the help of wps4digital, the changeover to the new system went smoothly. "Our conclusion: we made the right decision because we have a great solution with the best partners."

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Thanks to the interested and open-minded nature of our guests and the dedicated cooperation of our partners Lobster and wps4digital, the Data meets Tapas event was a complete success and we look forward to many more events of this kind next year.