Not all that glitters is gold – that is why we prefer to bet on platinum. W4 has already been a HubSpot partner for six years and we use the all-in-one solution internally for daily sales and marketing activities. We not only support our customers with HubSpot and offer them added value from digital solutions that enable marketing and sales to create synergies and work faster, better and more cost-effectively. We also develop our own marketing and sales apps that our HubSpot customers can use in addition to the operational implementation. They can be adapted throughout the HubSpot ecosystem and support the core values.


Whoever stops has already lost

HubSpot serves us not only as an important sparring partner with its academy to expand knowledge and test applications, but also certifies Hubspot trainers. We are very happy that W4 knows such people in our team. With their know-how, we were recently able to carry out a multilingual website relaunch for our long-standing customer EBL Telecom AG, for example, and support them with our expertise. The new website is set up in HubSpot CMS and its user-friendliness allows easy handling when configuring the digital connection for EBL's customers. The CMS identifies the users on the website and is instrumental in developing suitable marketing activities for individual interests in the future.

Thanks to interfaces with Magento 2 in the backend, the entire process chain from marketing, sales and customer service now forms a uniform symbiosis. And this is what we are building on: Because it is precisely these interfaces between HubSpot and surrounding systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics, that enable us as W4 to implement individual solutions for various customers and industries. As an integrator, we develop process chains that converge optimally and meet the requirements of our customers.


HubSpot-Products for efficient Lead Generation

Since 1994, W4 has been providing efficiency through technology in marketing and sales, so that our field of activity has grown and diversified over the years. It ranges from marketing automation services and advertising campaigns to the creation of websites and the programming of HubSpot apps and integrations from a single source in Switzerland or Germany for international markets and ecosystems.

Bet game: We developed the gamification app to collect and maintain leads and to retain customers during sporting events. It helps companies to gain brand awareness in a captivating and playful way. The goal of this gamification solution is to bring leads and customers into contact with the products and services of companies. We currently offer an advent calendar and an Easter game.

Call Buddy: The app is used by teams with different roles to make acquisition calls and to document them thanks to statistics – in addition it is connected to the HubSpot CRM. The app makes it easy to track the progress of the acquisition project and ensures transparency.

Digital Showroom: The virtual presentation room was developed for companies to present products as images, 2/3D animation, text, voice and video – on demand or at live digital events. It is possible to get in touch with visitors directly via a chat or indirectly via integrated contact forms and social media interfaces. Leads and contacts are documented directly in HubSpot.

We are pleased about the successful cooperation with HubSpot, many more customers and projects.