Board games and rafting – teambuilding at W4

Cohesion and trust within the team and between colleagues are indispensable. Most companies and especially HR managers are aware of this. The aim is to improve collective intelligence, maintain exchange within the team and develop skills such as trust or co-responsibility.

W4 has also initiated such activities. Last year we were off to rafting boats. At this time of year we prefer dry and cosy warm rooms 😉. But that doesn't mean that our common activities have gone into hibernation.

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At our location in Bratislava for example, we have established regular board game evenings, where the team gets together for Pizza. Currently, the games Terraforming Mars and Pandemic are very popular. Over hours, strategies are developed together and the next steps are planned. It has proven to be a good way to get to know the colleagues not only in a working atmosphere or during joint projects, but also to strengthen these relationships in a different context after work is done.

By the way, every member of the company is welcome to join us.