Passion for Teamwork - On Land and Water

Our team in Bratislava started the summer in a happy and humorous mood in mid-May. 

Equipped with life vests and paddles, our Bratislava team went on a little rafting tour on the Little Danube, a tributary of the Danube River in Slovakia. Paddling in a team sounds easier than it is - apart from occasional rapids.

Despite all the excitement, there was still enough time to enjoy the impressive nature. The Little Danube - slovak Malý Dunaj - meanders through beautiful floodplain forests and blooming meadows and fields. It is a small paradise that is habitat to many rare and protected animals.

After a good six hours on the river we went back to land to enjoy a delicious dinner together.

The exciting team event was a welcome change for everyone, not just because it was outside the office. To become physically active in nature is always a treat, in particular when it is as beautiful as the Little Danube.