Cailler Golden Branch Wettbewerb

Cailler - Golden Branche competition

The task: Conception of a competition and its execution

Cailler Branche has a long tradition in the manufacturer's range of chocolates. This is precisely why—we might say—it poses a challenge in terms of its constant repositioning on customers' hit lists, in light of the day-to-day excess of products on the market. The aim to raise awareness and rise above the competition takes centre stage each day. W4 was requested to conceive and carry out an effective competition concept that on the one hand reflects the values of the brand and on the other hand stands out with an unusual idea. A competition that generates impulse purchases and long-term brand loyalty at the same time. 

The implementation: Cailler gives away Gold Branches

The requirements were clear: The traditional brand's competition had to be something special—eye-catching, not too expensive and accurately representative of the brand's and company's core in order to generate the greatest possible return at the point of sale.

To pinpoint the "perfect match" in cooperation with Cailler, W4 developed concepts involving several promotional partners and reward options. With the "Golden Branche" competition conceived by W4, all basic premises were to be be implemented as effectively as possible. The concept managed to take flight, as the potential reward of a golden Branche stick not only aroused great interest among customers, but also provided sufficient visual appeal, which reflects the value and quality of the brand.

W4 developed new wrapper designs and fitting display cases, while designing and programming a microsite for inputting the special code printed on the chocolate wrapper.

W4's tasks for this project at a glance

In 2011, Cailler Branche's online competition was launched for the first time and met with such a high level of interest and fantastic participation that the competition will be repeated in 2012.

The client:

As the oldest chocolate factory in Switzerland, Cailler and its Branche chocolate sticks are just as much a part of Swiss chocolate culture and tradition as Swiss cheese with bread. Cailler represents a unique blend of emotion, tradition and authenticity. In the constant search for improved recipes and new creations, Cailler manages to bring together different generations time and again. The unmatched chocolatey taste of Cailler chocolates elates children and reminds grown-ups of the carefree enjoyment of childhood.

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