HR marketing for ETAVIS


ETAVIS is one of the biggest Swiss companies in the field of electrical installation and building technology. Their broad service provision ranges from automation technology to photovoltaics and telematics.

In search of a way to raise awareness and develop their position as an attractive employer and as a major training company, ETAVIS asked W4 for advice. Together, it was decided that a strong online-presence with an own communication channel as well as an integrated online application platform should serve as the basis of an effective HR marketing campaign. Crucial KPI’s of this project are the doubling of website visitors as well as a distinct increase in applicants.


A blog was created as the central communication channel. Here, posts from a defined range of topics are published on a regular basis. W4 is creating SEO optimized, high-quality texts in German and French. Reactions to each post are monitored and content is continuously being improved and developed further together with ETAVIS. Moreover, a strong social media presence is key to the success of the campaign: Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing are thus used extensively. Publishing on these platforms to trigger interactions with followers also improves the popularity of ETAVIS as a company.


In order to efficiently create, publish and analyze content via all channels, marketing automation is the preferred solution. A good choice! Not only was the blog created with HubSpot, but blog posts and social media posts can directly be published and monitored via this platform as well. Contacts generated via HubSpot forms are fed to this centralized hub; they can be assorted, put into (smart) lists and user behavior can be analyzed minutely. Clear and precise dashboards give a great overview of visitors, click-rates and conversions – thanks to the good structure, it is possible to immediately react to trends and developments. The newsletter, too, is created, personalized, sent and tracked via HubSpot. Thanks to marketing automation, content can be created more efficiently and in a quick and individualized manner. Many small tools and functions tremendously help to make the campaign more attractive, effective and analyzable. Using popup-windows, creating smart work-flows as well as making use of the endless possibilities of template creation helps a lot in propelling the success of the project. 


With the development of a strong online-presence, the ETAVIS website needed revision and optimization. Besides changes to existing texts and adding of additional content, the improvement of layout and the implementation of specific forms was essential. This way, the page now offers the possibility for direct online application. Moreover, call-to-actions and downloads trigger interaction. With forms, useful data is collected and contacts are created. Those can subsequently be used for further marketing activities like the sending of newsletters.


Apprenticeships openings and job offers are being promoted with the help of precise placement of Google AdWords ads in order to raise awareness about the apprenticeship possibilities at ETAVIS. The goal is to constantly reach a higher number of applicants. The advertisements as well as relevant ad extensions and keywords are constantly monitored, analyzed and optimized by W4 so that a constant flow of visitors to the website is being guaranteed. Additionally, possibilities for target-specific placement of adverts on Facebook and Instagram are used – these platforms have proved particularly useful in reaching those searching an apprenticeship. 

HR Marketing

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