Design and structure are the focus of website relaunch

Large corporations often have difficulties creating an adequate and representative web presence due to their complexity, the wide range of information, products, and services. Meyer Burger is a renowned Swiss company that specializes in the future technologies of the photovoltaic, semiconductor, and optoelectronics industries. Our team of programmers, IT experts, and graphic designers has worked intensively on a new edition of Meyer Burger's web presence in order to optimally present the company online with all its subsidiaries.  


It was necessary to create a modern web presence in a corporate environment that meets today's requirements. The challenge was to integrate the subsidiaries of Meyer Burger on the website and to present the numerous products, services, and information to the international company's many stakeholders. For the relaunch, a complete re-planning of the site structure, a new design, and a comprehensive reprogramming of the website were necessary.

Meyer Burger Website

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